Service Node, a start-up company from Umeå, thinks highly of the project Cleaner Growth which partly financed the innovation and export platform North Sweden Cleantech during the years 2016-2018. Service Node is a cleantech company whose smart tags facilitate and streamline service and maintenance work of premises and equipment, minimizing the need for paper documentation.

In an interview with Johannes Nylund, CEO ofService Node, Johannes reports that the project has led to new contacts to major stakeholders in green technology, clean energy and sustainable development such as Umeå Energi and Umeå municipality. The company has also received valuable contacts with smaller companies and startups, which, like Service Node, deliver solutions to Smart Cities.

Johannes Nylund continues the interview by telling us that the project, in addition to contacts, also contributed with valuable insights to international markets and with financing advice.

– To us, the most relevant support has been the study trip to Silicon Valley, the collaboration with Umeå Energi and the funding from the Swedish Energy Agency which was made possible through the contacts created by the project, says Johannes.

– Overall, North Sweden Cleantech throughKompetensspridningin Umeå and Uminova Innovation has always been characterized by good collaboration and a friendly approach, Johannes concludes.

Text:Peter Hedman and Maria Klintenäs

Photo:Service Node

North Sweden Cleantech is a regional innovation and export platform for green technology, clean energy and sustainable solutions from Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik. 

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