Testbed / Digitalisation, Energy and environment, Smart cities

ElectriCITY Stockholm

ElectriCITY, formed in 2012, is active ih Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. The organization aims to create the most sustainable and most environmentally- friendly neighborhood in Sweden.

The operations of ElectriCITY are run under the overall project name Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0. Within the organization there are about 30 sustainability and environmental projects, of which several are in collaboration with research organizations and schools.

Specifically, it is about transforming the climate agreement from Paris into local energy and environmental measures through the introduction of smart and renewable energy, sustainable transport, energy efficient houses, electric buses and electric cars. Here, Hammarby Sjöstad works as a test bed and demo for new sustainable solutions, possible to copy for other cities in Sweden and abroad. The ambition is to reach the Paris agreement goals already 2030.

ElectriCITY has about 50 members and partners from industry, research institutes and the city of Stockholm. The chairman is Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, responsible for trade promotion and sustainability at Teknikföretagen. Allan Larsson, former chairman and founder, acts as senior adviser.

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