More than 140,000 tonnes of new textiles are put on the Swedish market yearly, but only just under 5 % are recycled as material. The new textile sorting facility, Siptex, is an important key to increase the possibilities for recycling since for textile recycling on a larger scale, consistent quality and large volumes are required.

In Malmö City, at the waste facility, Sysav, the world’s first large-scale facility that sorts textiles automatically has been inaugurated. The facility sorts textiles by colour and fibre composition using near-infrared light. This makes it possible to handle large flows and produce textile fractions that are adapted to different recycling processes.

Siptex offers a standardized range of quality-assured recycling products with guaranteed fibre composition and colour. Cotton, wool, polyester, viscose, acrylic and polyamide of specific purity and colour are examples of products offered.

Siptex has a capacity of sorting 4,5 tonnes per hour which is equivalent to 24,000 tonnes per year.

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