Sweden’s first carbon-neutral detached house is being built in the town of Borlänge – and it is only built by women. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to create a gender-equal construction industry.

Mondo Arkitekter Dalarna, Fiskarhedenvillan and Structor Byggteknik Dalarna will together build Sweden’s first carbon-neutral detached house. All three companies involved have a strong will and strategy to take an extra step for the climate and sustainable construction industry. When the project started, two focus areas in particular were selected: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and creating a gender-equal construction industry. This led to a project’s goal being formulated: that a building team with women should build a completely carbon-neutral detached house by 2021.

To meet the goal of a carbon-neutral building, the building must be certified according to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and NollCo2, and included as a pilot project at Sweden Green Building Council for NollCo2 against detached houses. A considerable part of the project is to find the right building materials, working methods and to design the building based on a surface-efficient way of thinking.

The other part of the project goal is to be part of creating a gender-equal construction industry. Today, about 1 % of the carpenters in Sweden are women. The project decided to create a team with only women, to inspire and show that it is possible.

The project has been granted financial support from Region Dalarna.

Facts about the project:

  • Location: Furustigen 6, Borlänge Sweden
  • Project form: Collaborative project
  • Architect: Mondo Arkitekter Dalarna, Fiskarhedenvillan
  • Contractor: Byggpartner AB
  • Designer: Structor Byggteknik Dalarna, Fiskarhedenvillan
  • LCA (Life Cycle Analysis): Fiskarhedenvillan, Mondo Arkitekter Dalarna, Structor Byggteknik Dalarna
  • Certification: NollCo2 SGBC. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.
  • Construction start: Autumn 2021
  • Completed: 2022

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