Join an interactive workshop and Q&A on the 26th of May. During this session, Jonas Törnblom from Envito will share his knowledge on Eco Governance. We will also learn from how one city has applied this collaborative governance approach in order put a “zero waste” structure in place with the help of new technology and involving all the city’s households and private and public actors.

In the area of urban planning and development, Sweden has developed a method of collaborative governance to unite and steer complex processes with many stakeholders towards common environmental and societal goals.

The Eco Governance method focuses on finding innovative and synergetic solutions on complex problems by involving major stakeholders on all levels, questioning existing paradigms and learning from best practices.

The participants will gain insight and understanding in the Eco Governance process. The process will demonstrate the power of building mutual trust and collaboration in the process of jointly arriving at a common vision in a complex landscape focusing on innovative solutions and building on strong individual commitment.

When? 26th of May, 2020
Where? Online, Zoom
For whom? Stakeholders, decision-makers and developers interested in learning more about Swedish solutions and best practices.

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