The first fossil-free steel in the world has been delivered to the customer. The initiative HYBRIT has since 2016 developed its fossil-free steel and the delivery is an important step before the launch to the market in 2026.

Sweden strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and become one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare nations. Steel production accounts for large emissions in the production process; about 8 % of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and about 10 % in Sweden.

HYBRIT, owned by SSAB, state-owned utility Vattenfall, and miner LKAB, is an initiative to reduce the big carbon footprint from steel production. The steel is produced without using coal, replacing it with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen to cut emissions. The goal is to deliver fossil-free steel to the market by 2026.

On Wednesday, HYBRIT delivered its first fossil-free steel. The delivery was made to truck-maker Volvo AB as a trial run before HYBRIT starts with full commercial production. About 24 tonnes of steel was delivered to Volvo, which will be used for prototype vehicles during this year, according to Volvo.

The HYBRIT initiative started in 2016 and last year, the first plant was inaugurated in Luleå, Sweden. Read more about the inauguration here.

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