Up until now, it has not been either technically or financially viable to recover energy from restaurant ventilation systems due to grease and soot. However, a new solution, Lepido, developed by the Swedish company, Enjay, does the trick. Lepido will now be installed in all new Burger King restaurants in Scandinavia.

Because Burger King’s hamburgers are grilled over fire, the strain on the ventilation is extremely tough. Grease and soot damage the ventilation equipment and it is hard to recover the heat in the outgoing air. Burger King sought a solution and found Lepido. A Lepido unit was installed when building a new Burger King restaurant in Östersund, in the middle of Sweden in June 2019. The results show that it recovers a yearly total of 120 000 kWh.

Burger King was so pleased with the result that all new Burger King restaurants in Scandinavia will have Lepido installed as a standard.

The recovered energy can be used for heating ventilation, air conditioning (cooling), tap water pre-heating, radiators, floor heating or swimming pool heating. Lepido performs well in both warm and in cold climates and is made to fit standard flue dimensions.

Enjay is a Malmö-based cleantech company founded in 2015 that specializes in energy efficiency. Enjay’s first innovation Lepido®, launched in 2018, is the world’s first profitable energy recovery unit for restaurant ventilation.

Enjay was the winner of “The Innovation Race” in 2019 and is one of the finalists in the world’s biggest climate competition, SET 2020. The competition is arranged by the German Energy Agency (DENA) together with the World Energy Council.

Read more and contact Enjay here.

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