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Campus Lindholmen – Optimising waste collection

Low-speed electric vehicles in combination with specially designed trailers collect sorted waste fractions and distribute the goods to various recipients.

City goods – A win-win model for delivery

To improve accessibility in the city centre, a joint goods reception for smaller deliveries to downtown shops has been established.

Electric buses and innovative bus stops

The electric buses from Volvo are loading at the terminal and are always driving fully electric. They also recycle electricity when braking. The buses have to load six minutes to run a good half hour.

ElectriCity – Emission-Free Transport

How about a bus route with quiet, emission-free vehicles, powered by renewable electricity, which picks up passengers indoors?

Gatubolaget – Sustainable from bike to bus

This municipal company specializes in coordinating and optimizing the city’s vehicle fleet and transportation modes.

Green Zone – A Road To Sustainability

The Green Zone in Umeå is still a role model as a service area closing the loop – even more than 15 years after its inauguration! Green Zone proves in an educational way that it is possible and economically viable to transform from linear to circular thinking. Many visitors come to here every year to learn more about energy efficiency and sustainable solutions.

Liquid gas – drastic reduction of emissions

Using liquid gas can result in a 70 per cent reduction of climate impact compared to diesel. Biogas and natural gas have been used as vehicle fuel in Gothenburg for more than 15 years.

Sustainable Travel in Municipality of Örnsköldsvik

In Örnsköldsvik we prioritize sustainable travels and the goal is highlight and use sustainable travel habits in Örnsköldsvik, for example to choose active transportation such as walking and cycling. It may also be to commute by carpooling, or go by public transport such as train or bus. Or best of all not to travel at all. Instead we use Webb- or telephone meetings when it is possible. The municipality’s new Bicycle Plan and parking strategy shows the long-term jobs performed in sustainable travel.

Ultrafast charged electric buses with hybrid backup as option.

In late 2012 Hybricon started the production of its new electric buses, Hybricon Arctic Whisper (HAW). The first bus was a 12-meters bus and the other a four-wheel drive 18-meters articulated bus.

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