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Braås small-scale heat plant in Växjö

Braås heat plant, operated by Väsjö Energi AB, produces about 17 GWh per year and supports 113 customers.

Campus Lindholmen – Optimising waste collection

Low-speed electric vehicles in combination with specially designed trailers collect sorted waste fractions and distribute the goods to various recipients.

Energy efficient wooden buildings at Limnologen

Limnologen is 4 eight storey buildings with 134 apartments, using wood as the main building material.

Gasendal – A world class biogas plant

When opened in spring 2007, the Gasendal plant, was the largest biogas upgrading facility in the world.

Greenhouse Hornstull

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Hedbergs Tak – Sweden’s most energy efficient industrial building

With the right technology and with smart materials has Hedbergs Tak managed to construct one of Sweden’s most energy efficient industrial buildings.

Innovative green supply chain in the city of Växjö

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Liquid gas – drastic reduction of emissions

Using liquid gas can result in a 70 per cent reduction of climate impact compared to diesel. Biogas and natural gas have been used as vehicle fuel in Gothenburg for more than 15 years.

Passive houses at Portvakten Söder

The passive housing at Portvakten Söder in Växjö comprises rental flats offering innovative, modern and environmentally-friendly living.

Solar cells on Kungsmadskolan

There are approximately 1,000 m2 of solar cells on the roof of Kungsmadskolan, an upper secondary school in Växjö. The solar cells are estimated to deliver about 6 percent of the total energy use.

Sundet waste water treatment plant

Sundet in Vaxjö is a modern wastewater treatment plant, equipped with a production unit for biogas

University building N

Low energy building, house N

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