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Ariterm AB

Ariterm markets systems for environmental friendly heating.

Development and manufacturing takes place in Sweden and Finland, two countries with experience of cool and what is required to meet it. It ensures that the equipment is fit for the nordic climate.

A pioneer in energy technology
Ariterm has centuries of tradition, but is bursting with new ideas and willingness to remain in the forefront of environmental, efficient and reliable heating technology.

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Bostaden is the biggest actor on the Umeå housing market. Through its growth, Bostaden has helped turn Umeå into a city that in many ways is the capital of northern Sweden. We have a great responsibility to reduce our impact on our shared environment. Therefore, it is crucial to increase environmental awareness among both tenants and employees and we set clear environmental requirements for our suppliers and contractors.

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Building sustainable constructions

Alvarsson FormConsult AB has a concept to reduce the proportion of cement in the concrete. If these methods were used worldwide, it would mean that 500 million tonnes of cement would be saved each year while 500 million tonnes of carbon dioxide would also be prevented from reaching the atmosphere.

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AQVIS Miljö AB offers products and solutions regarding noise barriers, surface water management as well as landfills and management of contaminated materials.

Ariterm AB

Ariterm markets systems for environmental friendly heating.

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Nordomatic develop, manufacture, sell and install communicative control, regulation and monitoring systems for heating and ventilation facilities for buildings.

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