When Green Gothenburg sums up the year, it shows another year of great interest for smart and green solutions from Western Sweden. During the year, 42 delegations with 506 participants from 25 countries visited the office in Gothenburg. On 46 occasions, West Swedish companies have been given the opportunity to meet and present their solutions as well as obtain information on the relevant markets.

Transport peaks

The greatest interest is in the region’s transport solutions, as much as 35 % of the year’s visit. Western Sweden’s strong position in the field of electrification and autonomous vehicles has attracted delegations from for example Mexico, India, Germany and Austria. Great interest has also been shown for urban development (16%) and for energy and waste (12%).

Visiting countries

  1. China (9)
  2. Sweden (7)
  3. Danmark (4)
  4. Japan (3)

Visiting objects

  1. ElectriCity –sustainable public transport
  2. FED – Fossil-free Energy Districts
  3. RiverCity – Scandinavias largest urban development program

New companies joining

  1. Einride
  2. Atium
  3. Mycorena

Increased visibility thanks to national cooperation

Thanks to the national visiting platform Smart City Sweden, international marketing has increased. During the year, the focus gradually increased on business-related visitors from the target groups of potential buyers, investors and high-level visits. Since 2018, Green Gothenburg is the regional node for western Sweden.

Contact person

Sofia Mc Conell
Head of Green Gothenburg




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