Swedish fuel cell technology proves attractive as state subsidies encourage Chinese companies to develop environmentally friendly vehicles.

Gothenburg-based company PowerCell has received a major order from Chinese firm Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co. LTD. Wuhan Tiger will launch buses and, eventually, distribution trucks partly powered by PowerCell’s fuel cells under the Tiger H2FCV brand.

In 2016, PowerCell signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese partner to develop mutual business opportunities. The agreement included the ambition to deliver fuel cell vehicles to the Chinese market.

China has a rapidly expanding vehicle fleet and, as a result, growing environmental problems. One of the ways in which the Chinese authorities are combating these environmental problems is to offer state subsidies to companies that manufacture so-called new energy vehicles.

PowerCell will provide Wuhan Tiger with fuel cell stacks and systems worth more than
SEK 200 million leading up to 2019. Their fuel cell technology will provide the foundation for a series of vehicles to be produced in China for the domestic market.

More information at www.PowerCell.se



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