Summers in Sweden are short and weather-wise unpredictable, so we tend to take a break and enjoy our holidays best as we can. Smart City Sweden is closing all offices during July, but we will be back in August to continue the collaboration for smarter cities.

This year, we have finally been able to welcome back visitors to our six offices in Sweden. So far, we have had over 60 meetings and visits this year, out of which a majority were visits to our offices. The most requested topic was climate and environment and the most frequent countries were El Salvador and the Netherlands.

Smart City Sweden has also participated in a range of events, both in Sweden and abroad, such as E-world Energy & water in Germany, the Sweden-Thailand Development Forum and the Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart cities, to name a few.

We are now closing the offices, but we will be back again in August to welcome visitors and continue the collaboration. In the meantime, have a look at our virtual tours, learn more about Swedish sustainable solutions or watch our films about sustainable mobility, urban planning and more.

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See you in August!

/The Smart City Sweden Team

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