In conjunction with the Celcius Summit conference, participants were offered the chance to take part on study visits to see first hand innovative solutions in the fields of urban development and energy. Green Gothenburg arranged a visit to the Chalmers campus and Johanneberg Science Park, where the projects FED Fossil-free Energy Districts and HSB Living Lab were shown.

The group, including experts from London, Cologne and Rotterdam, began the visit with a presentation of FED, Fossil-free Energy Districts. FED is primarily an innovation project and will help to build a testbed for sustainable local energy systems with an exchange of knowledge and experience for partners such as government agencies, other cities and smaller start-up companies.

In the area, a marketplace for electricity, district heating and district cooling is being created. Properties constitutes market players which, with their local production of electricity, heating and cooling, can connect to central energy distribution systems. This creates a flexible energy system where no generated electricity is wasted. Already by next summer, the marketplace should be up and running and is intended to last until October 2019. By including local, small-scale electricity producers, the hope is to create more innovations that can reach an international market

We want to create efficient energy systems of the future with 100% renewable electricity production, where a digital services market is being tested,says Claes Sommansson, Vice Project Coordinator at Johanneberg Science Park.

Future livingatHSB Living Lab

After a short walk on campus, the group came to HSB Living Lab for a tour and presentation.

HSB Living Lab is a living laboratory for research into sustainable new ways to build and shape the residences of the future. It is a unique project worldwide, in which entirely new technical and architectural innovations will be tested over 10 years. The building has 29 apartments where residents, who are either students or visiting researchers, live in a constantly changing and evaluated environment. HSB Living Lab is a collaborative project between academia, industry and society, and the aim is to create entirely new technical and architectural innovations.

GreenGothenburg tailorscleantech visits

Green Gothenburg offers expertise, inspiration and useful business contacts through unique visit programmes.Anki Gustafsson at Business Region Gothenburg is responsible for the study visits at Green Gothenburg and had tailored the program for participants of the Celsius Summit, with a focus on interesting new energy solutions.

We want to provide knowledge, contacts and inspiration and act as the coordinating link. We work together with those that contact act us and discuss the optimum programme for the study visit,says Anki.

Green Gothenburg hosts around 35 delegations with approximately 550 participants each year, from all over the world.  

Welcome to discover Gothenburg’s green solutions,contact Anki Gustafssonby mail.

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