This week, Smart City Sweden arranged a workshop together with the Swedish Embassy in Washington on waste management and how to create a circular economy. Joining were representatives from ten American cities.

In March 2020, a delegation of American city representatives visited Smart City Sweden and was able to see different best practice in Stockholm and in Helsingborg. This week, the delegation visited Linköping digitally to learn more about biogas production and nutrient recycling. Biogas is gaining interest in the U.S, but the use of biogas as fuel is not common. Instead, biogas is used for electricity or heat.

The delegation made a digital visit to Tekniska verken, which has been working with biogas for more than 20 years and uses 100 % of the biogas is used as fuel. Mats Eklund, professor at Linköping University and Manager at the Biogas Research Center (BRC), introduced the nordic model for biogas for the delegation, where waste such as food waste and sludge are used as fuel and fertiliser.

The represented cities at the visit were New York City, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cuyahoga County, Boston, Winchester, Seattle, Chula Vista, Boulder and Washington DC.

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