Our oceans and waters are under great pressure. If our lakes and oceans are to flourish and we are to continue having access to clean drinking water in the future, we must protect our waters from hazardous substances and start to see wastewater as a resource.

According to the UN over two billion people lack access to clean water and wastewater treatment services. The prevailing trend, both in Sweden and other parts of the world, is a migration from rural areas to cities. This places great demands on urban water supplies and sustainable wastewater management.

There are many challenges in water research. Nutrients in wastewater contribute to eutrophication. Drug residues that are difficult to separate in treatment plants harm wildlife. All over the world groundwater levels are sinking and climate change will lead to further upsets in water supply systems.

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AB Evergreen Solutions

Evergreen Solutions focus is on standardised plants which are available in sizes for up to 400 people.

ACO Nordic AB

ACO Nordic offers complete plants for treating wastewater and runoff systems for rainwater recycling and a number of other water and wastewater products.

Afriso Ema AB

Afriso’s product range consists mainly of products and services that contribute to a better environment and safer workplace.

Again AB

Again offers the best technique available on the market today for nutrient recycling from your household wastewater streams.

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Reference Cases

Environmental investments in Vällingby Centrum

Svenska Bostäder have invested over three million Swedish kronor in an installation for geothermal energy and a recycling central. Thanks to the investment, Vällingby Centrum produces nowadays its own energy, which provides the shopping centre with 60 % of its need for heating and 90 % of its need for cooling.

Käppala – an efficient water treatment plant

Käppalaverket is one of the world’s most efficient water treatment installations, with the entire northern Stockholm as a catchment area. Apart from the fact that the installation treats water for over 500 000 people, it also produces biogas, running 100 busses.

Sjöstadsverket tests new treatment methods

Hammarby Sjöstadsverket in Stockholm, Sweden, was built as part of the Hammarby Sjöstad initiative, with the aim of halving environmental impact by demonstrating new technology and innovative solutions. The facility is now continuing to serve as a development centre for new water treatment technology.

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