Geofencing is a virtual fence that controls vehicles’ movements within a geographical area. By restricting vehicles from moving outside specific areas, such as day-care facilities and schools, and control the speed limit, a safer city is created.

In 2017, the Swedish government started a project to create safer and more sustainable cities with the help of geofencing. The project has resulted in a joint action plan developed by the Swedish Transport Administration, City of Stockholm, City of Gothenburg, Scania, Veoneer, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.

The new action plan for geofencing was created to make cities safer, while also reducing air pollution and noise levels. The measures in the action plan contribute to improved accessibility through a calmer and more consistent pace of traffic.

The key points of the action plan are to:

  • Establish a research and innovation program
  • Promote legislation and regulations, which support implementation of geofencing
  • Develop organisational and digital processes and data for geofencing zones
  • Develop systems, routines and processes for self-regulating systems and control of smart zones
  • Investigate socio-economic and commercial potential
  • Promote national and international harmonisation
  • Encourage and drive demonstration and pilot projects

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