Over the past 20 years Sweden and Europe have done much to improve air quality. In particular, nitrogen and sulphur oxide emissions have diminished significantly, and this has averted a number of environmental and health problems.

But despite success in reducing nitrogen and sulphur dioxide emissions, the air in Swedish cities has not become appreciably better. Levels of particulate matter and ground-level ozone — the air pollutants that cause most health problems in Sweden — are relatively unchanged. As a result more than 5 000 people per year are estimated to die prematurely because of air pollution. In the rest of Europe the death toll is as much as 400,000 annually.

Air pollution also damages the environment. Nitrogen and sulphur oxides contribute to eutrophication and acidification. Ground-level ozone causes damage to vegetation and crops. Pollutants like soot and ozone also have a detrimental impact on climate. In addition, animals and vegetation are adversely affected by carcinogenic hydrocarbons and toxic heavy metals.

Long-range air pollution

Much of the air pollution that falls over Sweden comes from emissions sources in other countries. If we are to successfully combat both long distance and local air pollution we must continue to implement forceful measures both in Sweden and in neighbouring countries.

Reduce both air pollution and greenhouse gases

The major challenge ahead will be to further reduce air pollutants and at the same time make a significant dent in greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to help ensure that decisions and priorities in these areas rest on a good scientific basis and are able to create the conditions required for effective action.

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3nine is a Swedish company that develops solutions for the purification of processed air.

AB Evergreen Solutions

Evergreen Solutions focus is on standardised plants which are available in sizes for up to 400 people.

Absolent AB

Absolent AB is a supplier of air cleaning equipment for collection of oil mist and oil smoke particles in industrial operations.

ACO Nordic AB

ACO Nordic offers complete plants for treating wastewater and runoff systems for rainwater recycling and a number of other water and wastewater products.

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Reference Cases

Arlanda Airport reduces its emissions

Arlanda Airport has managed to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide with 50 %. A strong contributing factor to the reduced emissions has been the investment in geo energy, which is taken from an underground aquifer.

Destruction plants for laughing gas at three hospi

In 2011 the laughing gas emmissions had decreased with 75% in Stockholmslänslandsting compared to the emmissions in 2002

Käppala – an efficient water treatment plant

Käppalaverket is one of the world’s most efficient water treatment installations, with the entire northern Stockholm as a catchment area. Apart from the fact that the installation treats water for over 500 000 people, it also produces biogas, running 100 busses.

Underground waste management

Thanks to a stationary pneumatic refuse collection system, the garbage doesn’t need to be collected by trucks anymore. Instead, the garbage is transported by air through pipes, where it is compacted in sealed containers. Using a vacuum system instead of an old-fashioned refuse room or waste container does away with problems with unpleasant odours, and nobody needs to come into contact with waste bags or containers.

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